Introducing a business-card sized digital recorder with "SmartMedia" memory card
  Simplicity itself. One touch record and playback. A "SmartMedia" removeable memory for endless recording. A choice of adapters for fast transfers of all your records to a personal computer. Compact, versatile and ultra-reliable, the DMR-SX1 is your record of everything from flashes of inspiration to that important business meeting.  
Digital IC recording
An IC with the latest in voice compression capabillities assures clear sound, even in long recordings.
SmartMedia support lets you record ... forever. Just change the memory card. And upload yu recordings to your PC with a choice of Flash Path or PC Card adapters. (60 minutes of records in approx. few minutes for Flash Path or 5 seconds for the PC card.)
  High quality microphone
One-touch recording via an integrated omni-directional pop-up mike.
Repeat...and repeat..and Repeat Playback is a great tool for transcription, language practice, dictation or sales promotions.
A twin earphone adds to ease-of-listening of played back mono sound. The 3.5mm diameter earphone jack also supports connection to external speakers.
  Sound Filter (Sound Selector)
Remove background noise with the Sound Filter. Eliminate distracting background sounds or the noise from air-conditioners to assure a clear voice recording.
Built-in speaker
A built-in speaker provides instant playback with no need for the earphones.
  Directional mike
When you want the best in recorded quality, the omni-directional mike can be replaced with a directional mike or tie-pin mike.

Add an Index mark to recordings as you make them. simplifying searches during playback and making repeat playback easier.

Hold prevents accidental switching on or off when the recorder is carried in a pocket or bag.

A large display clearly shows current operation. Record, Play, Delete and Hold icons allow quick, at-a-glance reference. Alarm, clock and control beep tones can all be set from on-screen menus.


Add comments or titles to recordings uploaded to a PC.
Once you have uploaded voice data to your PC, use our dedicated software to display your recodings, play these back or add comments. Create instant voice mail by adding voice data to e-mail as a WAV file (e-mail software not included).

Model name DMR-SX1
Memory capacity 8 MB "SmartMedia" card included
Maximum recording time 132 minutes
Maximum recording messages 199
Recording media "SmartMedia" card (Flash memory card)
Microphone Built-in condenser mike (monoaural)
Mike in jack 3.5mm diameter monoaural type
Earphone jack 2.5mm diameter stereo type
Speaker 28mm
Repeat playback Yes
Hold Switch Yes
Index (Recording) Yes
Index (Playback) Yes
Index retraction Yes
Sound Filter Yes
Menu Setting Yes
Clock Set Yes
Alarm Set Yes
Beep Set Yes
All Erase Yes
"SmartMedia" Format Yes
Dimensions 93.5 x 57 x 16.5 (mm)
Weight Main unit only: approx. 78g (102g with batteries)
Batteries Two AAA (LR03) batteries
Battery life

Approx 14 hours recording

Approx 10 hours playback with earphone

Approx 10 hours playback with speaker


Recording time capability for "Smart Media" (3.3V)

2MB 4MB 8MB 16MB
32 min 66 min 132 min 256 min

Twin earphone (2.5 mm – diameter stereo type)

DMR Kit 1 (PC application soft) included


Flash Path PDR-FLP1 (option)

IBM PC/AT Windows 95, Windows 98