Toshiba's bar-type digital memory recorder is small and light – and it just got a lot better.
  Toshiba was the first company the two-hour barrier in digital memory recorders. Now Toshiba goes a little further – a whole two hours further to break the four-hour barrier. All while assuring crystal-clear sound from beginning to end of everything you record. For slip-in-the-pocket, go-anywhere recording, rely on Toshiba.  
  Digital IC recording
An IC with the latest in voice compression capabilities assures clear sound, even in long recordings.
A large display clearly shows current operation. Record, Play, Delete and Hold icons allow quick, at-a-glance reference. Alarm, clock and control beep tones can all be set from on-screen menus.

High qualilty microphone
One-touch recording via an integrated omni-directional pop-up mike.

  Buillt-in speaker
A built-in speaker provides instant playback with no need for the earphones.

A twin earphone adds to ease-of-listening of played back mono sound. The 2.5mm diameter earphone jack also supports connection to external speakers.

Fast forward and rewind search functions quickly move you to the start of each message. An innovative index function adds an index mark to key points you want to be able to fast access, at any point in even the longest recording.
Add an Index mark to recordings as you make them, simplifying searches during playback and making repeat playback easier.
Repeat...and repeat...and...Repeat Playback is a great tool for transcription, language practice, dictation or sales promotions.
Hold prevents accidental switching on or off when the recorder is carried in a pocket of bag.
Model name
Memory capacity 16MB 8MB 4MB
Maximum recording time 263 minutes 131 minutes 64 minutes
Maximum recoding messages 199
IC memory type Built-in flash memory
Microphone Built-in condenser mike
Mike in jack 3.5mm diameter
Earphone jack 2.5mm diameter stereo type
Twin earphone 2.5mm diameter stereo type (included)
Speaker 20 mm
Repeat Playback Yes Yes Yes
Hold Switch Yes Yes Yes
Index (Recording mode) Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 141 x 28 x 16 (mm)
Weight Main unit only: approx 47g (65g with batteries)
Batteries Two AAA (LR03) batteries
Battery life Approx 15 hours recording
Approx 12 hours playback with earphone
Approx 12 hours playback with speaker