42-Inch High-Definition Plasma Display: Hi Plasma CMP402HDU

New Perspectives In Imaging

• Higher definition image display
• Ready for the digital age with wide range of inputs
• Multiscanning capability assures compatability with a variety of computer systems
• Slim, space-saving design
• Wider 160 degree viewing angle assures clear images from any viewing position

Hitachi's Plasma Display Introduces New Possibilites In Visual Communication
  • A digital "poster" for the showroom
• Easy-to-see monitor for fitness club
• Visual guide or digital art display
• Information display in reception areas
• Business presentations
Product name 42-Inch High-Definition Plasma Display
Model CMP402HDU
General Power Supply AC 100 - 120 V
Frequencies 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 450 W (Typical)
Dimensions 41" (W) x 25.5" (H) x 3.5" (D)
Weight 75.0 lbs (excluding stand)
Display characteristics Effective display area 36.3" x 20.6"
Aspect ratio


Number of pixels 1024 (Horizontal) x 1024 (Vertical) pixels
Pixel pitch 0.90 (Horizontal) x 0.51` (Vertical) mm
Number of colors (Gray levels) 16.7 million colours (256 gray levels)
Brightness 250 cd/sq m (Typical) at white peak (with a front filter)
Contrast ratio 350:1 (Typical, no ambient light)
Viewing angle More than 160 degrees
Signal input and terminals Video Analog RGB1 Format / frequency: R, G, B , H, V / fH:24k to 80kHz, fV: 50 to 75 Hz
Level/impedance: R, G, B = 0.7Vp-p/75 ohms
Synchronization: H/V separate sync: TTL, H/V composite sync: TTL, G sync = 0.3Vp-p
Connector: mD-Sub 15P x 1
Analog RGB2 Format / frequency: R,G,B, H, V/fH: 24k to 80kHz, fV: 50 to 75Hz
Level/impedance: R, G, B = 0.7Vp-p / 75 ohms
Synchronization: H/V separate sync: TTL, H/V composite sync: TTL, G sync: 0.3Vp-p
Connector: BNC x 5
Video 1 (Composite) Format: video or S video (NTSC)
Level / impedance: 1.0 Vp-p / 75 ohms
Synchronization: composite sync.
Connector: BNC x 1, S terminal x 1
Video 2 (Component) Format: Y, PB, PR or Y CB, CR (1080i HD display available)
Level/impedance: 1.0V, PB/CB, PR/CR=0.7Vp-p/75 ohms
Synchronization: Y signal
Connector: BNC x 3
Audio 4 inputs Stereo signal supplied with each video input: L/R 470mV high impedance
Connector: RCA pin (L/R) x 4
Control terminal Connector: D-Sub 9P
Signal output Speaker output 8 W + 8 W (8 ohms) (Speakers optionally available)
Controls Switch/Button Main Power switch, Sub Power button
Adjustment button (Input changeover, Adjustment menu, Selection, Sound volume adjustment)
Main adjustment Video signal Contrast, brightness, color, color tone, sharpness
RGB signal Contrast, brightness, display size, vertical position, horizontal position, clock phase
Audio signal Sound volume, balance, high, low, mute
Remote control Infrared remote control provided
Power management VESA-DPMS
Environmental conditions Temperature 5 - 35 C
Humidity 20 – 80 % RH (Non-condensation)
Regulations Safety UL1950, CSA C22.2 No 950
EMI FCC class A
Supplied accessories AC Power Cable Cable (L=1.8 m)
Interface Cable (mD-sub 15P connector L=1.8 m),
Infrared remote control unit (With batteries, R6P or SUM-3 x 2), Manual