25-Inch Color Plasma Display: Hi Plasma CMP205SXU

New Perspectives In Imaging

• Super-sharp S-XGA performance on a 25-Inch flat screen
• High resolution S-XGA (1280 x 1024)
• Super-slim, lightweight flat panel monitor (depth: 4.8" Weight: 45.2 lbs)
• Wider 160 deg viewing angle for easy viewing from any position
• Completely immune to magnetic fields
• Multiscan capability

Today's Most Versatile Display Solution
  • CAD / CAM and Graphic Design
• Presentations
• Information Services
• Mobile Applications
• Monitoring and Control
Product name 25-Inch Color Plasma Display
Model CMP205SXU
General Power supply AC100 - 120 V
Frequencies 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption 270 W (Typical)
Dimensions 23.2" (W) x 21.6" (H) x 4.8" (D: Panel)
Weight 45.2 lbs
Display characteristics Effective display area 19.6" x 15.7"
Aspect ratio 5:4
Number of pixels 1280 (Horizontal) x 1024 (Vertical) pixels
Pixel pitch 0.39 (Horizontal) x 0.39 (Vertical) mm
Number of colors (Gray levels) 262 thousand colors (64 gray levels)

90 cd/sq m (Typical) at white peak (With a front filter)

Contrast ratio 50:1 (Typical, no ambient light)
Viewing angle More than 160 degrees
Signal input Ananlog RGB Format / frequency: R, G, B, H, V/fH: 31k to 85kHz, fV: 50 to 86Hz
Level/impedance R, G, B = 0.7 Vp-p/75 ohms
Synchronization H/V separate sync:TTL, H/V composite sync: TTL
Connector 13W3 type D-sub connector
Controls Switch Main Power switch adjustment, Adjustment switch
Main adjustment Select OSD Menu, Move cursor for down/up, Enter
Environmental condition Temperature 5-35 C
Humidity 20-80% RH (Non-condensation)
Regulations Safety UL 1950, CSA C22.2 No 950
EMI FCC class A
Supplied accessories AC Power Cable, Interface Cable (13W3 D-sub/mD-sub 15P connector)