Zoom in on the fun

• 3 x zoom versatility with immediate response. The PDR-M5 brings you advanced digital quality and the joy of moving pictures and the joy of moving images.

• Optical 3 x zoom

• Four shots per second continuous shooting. Excellant image quality with 5-mode flash.

Release your creativity with one shot per second performance and 3 x zoom.
We're redefining digital clarity with a 2.14-million-pixel CCD.
  The high resolution lens, high-speed, high-precision auto focus and advanced program auto exposure of the PDR-M5 ensure that images are received in pristine condition before being recorded in UXGA format (1600x1200 pixels). Recording is then done via a 1/2-inch 2.14 million-pixel charge coupled device (CCD). The result is a high level of expression and color reproduction with a sharpness and clarity comparable to that attained by conventional 35mm photography. SVGA format (800 x 600 pixels) is also available in order to allow the easy download of images for computers of use on the internet.

Compression settings to suit your needs.
Whether you choose to use UXGA or SVGA, the shoot can be further improved by choosing one of three compression settings. Normal for standard shooting requirements, Fine, in cases where the emphasis lies in image quality and Basic, for when quantity of shooting is more important.

3 x zoom, infinite possibilities.
  The PDR-M5 stands out from the crowd with the addition of an optical 3 x zoom lens equivalent to a 40-120 mm lens and digital capability of 2 x zoom*. Along with wide angle and telephoto settings at the touch of a single button, the PDR-M5 helps you push the boundaries of digital creativity.
* Use of digital 2 x zoom provides images of 800 x 600 pixels.
120 seconds* of moving images, recording and playback

Sometimes a still shot just isn't enough. That's why the Toshiba PDR-M5 is capable of the recording and playback of up to 120 seconds of action. Simply select the recorded image playback. Reverse playback, 2 x speed forward and reverse playback, and compatabillity with QuickTime 4.0 are just some of the special functions.
* Based on Half size (160 x 120 pixels).
**Recorded images are stored in AVI file format (codec: Motion JPEG).

Four frames per second.
  Time intervals of less than one second* between shots and four frames per second continuous shooting in UXGA format deliver a pleasing level of spontaneity and a wealth of photo opportunities.
*Following focus lock the PDR-M4 can activite shutter release and be prepared for the next release in less than one second. (With flash and preview switched off. Subject to shooting conditions.)
A wealth of shooting functions and convenient features.
  Closer Control through Manual Options.
Get creative with a range of settings, including white balance adjustment, exposure compensation and manual aperture control (AUTO/F3.5/F7.6).

A Wide Range of Modes.
The new high-sensitivity mode gives you the choice of speed equivalents from ISO 100 to ISO 400. Other features include extended exposure shooting, monochrome shooting, multi-function flash shooting. A stand-alone erase button allows the simple deletion of unwanted images.

USB connectivity for fast downloading on personal computers.
Images are easily download through advanced USB connectivity* and serial connection via RS-232C/RS-422 cable.
*Compatible with pre-installed Windows* 98/AT, New Power Macintosh G3 and iMac computers.

  Windows Macintosh
CPU i486 or higher processor Power Macintosh, New Power Macintosh G3, iMac (Not applicable for 68K Macintosh)
OS Windows 98/95/NT 4.0 Mac OS 8.1 or higher
Memory 16 MB min 16 MB min (32 MB min recommended)
Free space on hard disk 20 MB min* For installation: 8 MB
For software operation: 60 MB*
Color monitor 256 or more colors (640 x 480 dot min)
CD-ROM Required

The Freedom to Experiment with Filters.
Because the PDR-M5 can be equipped with the optional adapter ring (PDR-ARM5), it's easy to incorporate standard 52mm lens filters or a converter lens.

Speedy Playback With a Choice of Modes.
2.5X/5X zoom playback, 9-frame multi playback and Slide Show playback functions give you versatility and it is also possible to copy images and increase compression without the need for computer attachment. Images can also be displayed on normal TV sets

CCD Sensor 1/2-inch CCD with 2.14 million square pixels
Resolution 1600 x 1200 / 800 x 600 selectable Movie:320 x 240 / 160 x 120 selectable
Interface USB, Serial (RS-232C and RS-422), Video output
File Format JPEG, Still image: Exif ver. 2.1, DCF Movie: AVI (Motion-JPEG)
Storage Media 3.3V SmartMedia (2-32MB) Upgradeable to 128MB by firmware
Firmware Fully upgradeable
Lens F3.5-F5.0/F7.6-F11, f=7.4mm – 22mm (35mm equivalent: 40mm–120mm)
Focusing Range 90cm - infinity. Macro: 25cm to 90cm
Zoom 3 x optical, 2 x digital, 2.5x / 5x playback
LCD Monitor 1.8 inch amorphous silicon TFT (122,320 pixels)
View Finder Real image zoom finder
Power Source Re-chargeable lithium-ion battery, AC power adapter
Dimensions 130 (W) x 78 (H) x 70 (D) mm Weight:320g (excl battery)
LCD Play Mode Normal, 16 image-multi, 2.5 x zoom, slideshow.
5-Mode Falsh Auto, red-eye reduction, fill-in, off, slow synchro
Mode Dial Set up, PC download, off, auto record, manual record, playback
Control Buttons Menu, Self-timer, picture quality, flash mode, macro, erase/format, LCD display mode, Zoom
Recording modes 1 shot, burst shot (UXGA: max 4 frames, SVGA: max 16 frames) multi-shot (16 images per frame), extended exposure shot (1 sec/2 sec/4 sec/8 sec, selectable) movie (max. 120 sec)
Include Accessories Rechargeable llithium-ion battery, AC power adapter, SmartMedia card (8 MB), Neck Strap, Serial cable (Win, Mac) Video cable, USB cable, CD-ROM, Lens cap
Optional Accessories Quick battery charger (PDR-CGI) Litium-ion battery (PDR-BT1) 52mm filter ring adapter (PDR-ARM5)