Just a second!


The Toshiba PDR-M4 gives you high speed, high quality imaging and high performance in less.han one second.

3 Recording Modes
•Normal - 1 shot per second
•Burst -4 - 16 contimuous shots
•Multi - 16 images per frame

2.14 million-pixel high-speed response

Catch the moment.
  One shot per second, high quality imaging means you never miss another photo opportunity.  
We're redefining digital clarity with a 2.14 million-pixel CCD.
  The high resolution lens, high-speed, high-precision auto focus and advanced program auto exposure of the PDR-M4 ensure that images are received in pristine condition before being recorded in UXGA format (1600x1200 pixels). Recording is then done via a 1/2-inch 2.14 million-pixel charge coupled device (CCD). The result is a high level of expression and color reproduction with a sharpness and clarity comparable to that attained by conventional 35mm photography. SVGA format (800 x 600 pixels) is also available in order to allow the easy download of images for computers of use on the internet.

Compression settings to suit your needs.
Whether you choose to use UXGA or SVGA, the shoot can be further improved by choosing one of three compression settings. Normal for standard shooting requirements, Fine, in cases where the emphasis lies in image quality and Basic, for when quantity of shooting is more important.

High-speed response for exceptional ease of operation.
  Shooting intervals of less than one second.
Until now, operational response has been an inherent problem of the digital camera. The PDR-M4 has addressed these problems and is ready to shoot just two seconds after the power has been switched on, It is also capable of shooting intervals of less than one second. Performance of this kind brings a welcome fluidity to digital photography and also means less missed opportunities.

Four frames per second continuous shooting.
The PDR-M4 offers continuous shooting of approximately four frames per second in UXGA format or approximately 16 frames in four seconds in SVGA format or approximately 16 frames in four seconds in SVGA format. With this kind of performance, you'll never miss a shot. Also featured is a multi-shot function, allowing you to view 16 frames on one screen and pseudo-video playback. Handy for checking sequential images, such as your golf swing.


USB connectivity for fast downloading on personal computers.


Images are easily downloaded through advanced USB connectivity and serial connection via RS-232C/RS-422 cable.

  Windows Macintosh
CPU i486 or higher Power Mac (Not for 68K)
OS Windows 98/95/NT4.0 Mac OS 8.1 or higher
Memory 16 MB min 16 MB min (32 MB recom)
Free space on hard disk 20 MB min 60 MB
Color monitor 256 or more colors (640 x 480 dot min.)
CD-ROM drive Required
All this, encapsulated in a new, stylish compact body.
  The compact dimensions of the PDR-M4 are housed within an aluminium die cast exterior, small enough to slip easily into any shirt pocket. The lens is positioned at the center of the camera body, allowing a secure two-handed grip so as to minimize camera shake and the PDR-M4 even features an automatic protective barrier for the lens.  
The freedom to express yourself through user-friendly functions.

Automatic shooting suitable for all occasions.
In addition to digital 2 x zoom and 10cm macro shooting 10 cm macro shooting, the PDR-M4 features an array of easy to use features such as extended exposure and monochrome shooting.

Take control with full manual capability.
For greater control, or in indiviual shooting conditions, focus and exposure can be manually set. White balance, exposure compensation and other settings can be manually set. White balance, exposure compensation and other settings can be controlled manually.

Easy deletion of images and a variety of playback modes.
Unwanted images can be easily erased by use of the sand-alone delete button. The PDR-M4 also offers various viewing options, such as image reduction, quality alteration, copy functions and a nine-frame 2.5 X zoom advance replay.

Planned upgrade to carry larger-capacity SmartMedia (TM).
The PDR-M4 carries the option of compatabillity with image recording SmartMedia up to 32MB. In UXGA format, approximately 33 frames can be saved in Fine mode, approx 66 frames in Normal mode and 32 frames in Basic mode. Our exclusive upgrade service is also planned to be compatible with the coming capacity-enhancement of SmartMedia.

Long battery life ensures the shooting of more that 200 images* when fully charged.
*Assumes normal temperature with flash used for 50% of shooting and LCD switched on.

Conforms to the Design rile for Camera Fil systems* (DCF), the digital camea unified standard.
*Standardized by Japan Electronic Industrial Development Association (JEIDA).

CCD Sensor 1/2-inch CCD with 2.14 million square pixels
Resolution 1600 x 1200 / 800 x 600 selectable
Interface USB, Serial (RS-232C and RS-422), Video output
Boot Speed Less than two seconds
File Format JPEG, Exif ver. 2.1, DCF ver. 1.0: 3 compression modules: 1/4; 1/8; 1/16
Storage Media 3.3V SmartMedia (2-32MB) Upgradeable to 128MB by firmware
Firmware Fully upgradeable
Lens F3.2/F8 f=7.4mm (35mm equivalent: 40mm)
Focusing Range 50cm - infinity:
Zoom 2 x digital, 2.5 x playback
LCD Monitor 1.8 inch hyper amorphous type (556 x 200 resolution)
View Finder Optical
Power Source Re-chargeable lithium-ion battery, AC power adapter
Dimensions 112 (W) x 68 (H) x 42(D) mm Weight:240g (excluding battery)
Included accessories Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, AC power adapter, SmartMedia card (8MB), Hand Strap, Serial cable, Video cable, USB cable, CD-ROM
LCD Play Mode Normal, 16 image-multi, 2.5 x zoom, slideshow.
5-mode Falsh Auto, red-eye reduction, fill-in, off, slow synchro
Mode Dial Set up, PC download, off, auto record, manual record, playback
Control Buttons Menu, Self-timer, picture quality, flash mode, macro, erase/format, LCD display mode
Recording modes 1 shot, burst shot (UXGA: max 4 frames, SVGA: max 16 frames) multi-shot (16 images per frame), extended exposure shot (1 sec/2 sec/4 sec/8 sec, selectable)
Lens Cover Automatic, built-in type
Optional Accessories Quick battery charger (PDR-CGI) Litium-ion battery (PDR-BT1)